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Motorcycle Dual USB Charger 3.1A Socket 10-24V Waterproof

Brand: OBDResource
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Motorcycle Dual USB Charger 3.1A Socket 10-24V Waterproof Mobile Phone Power Suply Charger Adapter Voltage Meter ON/OFF Switch

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* 1. Material: Silicone + ABS

* 2. Color: black

* 3. Voltmeter Color: red

* 4. Input voltage: 10-24V

* 5. Output: 5V/3.1A

* 6. Interface: Dual USB

* 7. Voltmeter monitoring range: 9-30V

* 8. Cable length: 140cm

* 9. Mounting location: handlebar post, mirror base

* 10. Wiring: red line to positive (+), black line to negative (-)

* 11. Function: charger/power supply/voltmeter


* 1. 3.1A dual USBs provides fast charging and efficient power to mobile phones, tablets, navigation, GPS, etc.

* 2. Silicone USB port plug is waterproof and dustproof, protect the usb for longer life.

* 3. Independent cut-off switch controls USB power supply and is more convenient to use.

* 4. The product comes with a voltmeter, which can detect the battery voltage status at any time to avoid potential safety hazards caused by defective batteries.

* 5. The 140cm power cord can fully meet the installation requirements, and can be installed directly on the battery to reduce the difficulty of installation. Applicable models: motorcycle / electric bicycle.

Package Includes:

1x USB Charger

1 x Handlebar Mount

1 x mirror bracket

1 x Washer

1 x Long Screw

2 x Small Screw

1 x NutC

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